The Interdisciplinary Journal of Education Research (IJER) is a blind peer-reviewed "open access" journal targeted towards publishing advanced research reports across the fields of education. Accepted peer-reviewed articles should seek to provide empirical, conceptual, or theoretical perspectives on current educational issues. Our interest is limitless to thought-provoking interdisciplinary debates on the practical application of general education, natural and social science education, humanities and community education, political studies in education, education and environment, management and leadership, mathematics, test and measurement, among others. We prioritise intellectual debates on the aesthetic of transformation in primary, secondary and higher education within the global and interdisciplinary perspective with no methodological and geographical discriminations. IJER is not limited to articles within the following disciplinary views:

  • Social science education
  • Educational management, policy, leadership and governance
  • Comparative and international education
  • Natural science education
  • Curriculum and social pedagogy
  • Teaching and teacher education
  • Religion education
  • Methodologies in education
  • Business entrepreneurial education
  • Distance and sandwich education,
  • Education and culture,
  • Ethical issues in education
  • Democratic and political education
  • Humanities and language education
  • Measurement and evaluation in education
  • Special education
  • Environmental and geography education.

Publication Frequency

IJER publishes two issues per year continuously on article-by-article. That is, articles submitted, reviewed and accepted between January and June each year will be published in the first issue, while articles submitted, reviewed and accepted between July and December will be published in the second issue. Accepted papers ready for publication at any time are immediately made available online on an article-by-article basis

Publication Statistics

  • 2020: 23 articles Submitted, 9 (39%) accepted & published, 19 (61%) Rejected 
  • 2019: 37 articles Submitted, 13 (35%) accepted & published, 24 (65%) Rejected