About the Journal

The Interdisciplinary Journal of Education Research (IJER) is a double-blind peer-reviewed "open access" journal established in early 2019 under the name "Journal of Education Research and Rural Community Development" with the publication of articles in education, rural and community studies. In January 2021, during the annual report of ERRCDF, the journal was considered too encompassing and needed to be re-constructed into two separate journals. The rural and community development aspect was made as an independent journal. This was how the "Journal of Education Research and Rural Community Development" was changed to "Interdisciplinary Journal of Education Research (IJER)" in January 2021. Click IJRCS to access the rural and community-related journal. However, the purpose of IJER is to disseminate high-level interdisciplinary research results and content beyond learning, teaching and research. 


IJER is sponsored by Education Research and Rural Community development Forum (ERRCDF).

Publication Frequency

IJER publishes two issues per year, and a continuous publishing model applies. Thus, articles ready for publication between January and June each year will appear in the first issue, while articles ready for publication between July and December will appear in the second issue. That is, articles are immediately made available online when ready for publication.

Copyright and Licensing

 The Interdisciplinary Journal of Education Research is an open journal and provides immediate open access to its published contents. The copyrights of articles are retained by authors. Articles published are licensed under a  Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial NoDerivatives licence, which permits non-commercial reuse (download, read, print, search, copy, distribute the link, among others) of an open-access article, as long as the original author and source are properly attributed, and provided the article is not modified or altered. The authors grant the publisher (ERRCDF) permission and license to apply a DOI to their articles and archive them in databases and indexes such as DOAJ, SABINET, J-Gate, Scopus, EBSCO, ERIC, among others. The authors also grant the journal/publisher permission to publish the articles and be recognised as the original and the first publisher. Authors also grant any other third-party users the right to non-commercially use the article freely as long as its original authors and citation details are acknowledged without prior permission from the publisher or the author.

Publication Statistics

  • 2020: 23 articles submitted, 9 (39%) accepted and published, 19 (61%) rejected 
  • 2019: 37 articles submitted, 13 (35%) accepted and published, 24 (65%) rejected